Me when the ball goes in the air and I can’t find it

Me when the ball goes in the air and I can’t find it

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Anonymous said:

Wonderful blog you have! I have one question. I find it hard to look behind me before i recieve a pass from my teammate. Then it takes me time to decide where i am going next. Many times players steal the ball from me, because i didn't know they were coming from behind. Any tips how i could improve this?

Definitely practice a quick peek over your shoulder before you receive the ball. It does wonders.

Also, your teammates should be telling you, so if they’re not then they need to fix that. The only other tip I really have is to do your best to shield the ball and not get knocked off. Good luck!

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Best ankle brace for soccer?

I’d really appreciate it if you guys could answer this! I need a brace by Monday for a combine and I don’t really know what brand is best. There’s no time to order one online and guarantee it by then so if you know any from Dick’s or other stores that would be great!

Thank you so much!

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Anonymous said:

I play soccer and my age is 17 whenever during match i dribble the ball i always look downwards and it becomes difficult for me to pass the ball to my players. so plz could you suggest me something

I’m guessing that since you have a problem with this that you already know how important it is to keep your eyes up when you play. Playing with your head down makes it impossible to scan for options and possible threats on the field.

The only thing you can really do, in my opinion, is practice. Start small so you don’t trip over the ball. Glance at your feet every now and then. Scan your surrounding, glance at your feet, then you’re scanning again as you run with it.

Maybe you could start easy and just dribble alone around the field with your eyes up? No cones or obstacles at first, just get used to it with an empty field.

Good luck!

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Shoutout to all the players here with me at the GSA Adidas Showcase!

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Nike fans! Best tiempos?

Tiempo Flights or Tiempo Mystics?


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I don’t like how some of the old SPP posts look so I might be redoing some in the next couple posts.

Also, SUBMISSIONS PLEASE! It’s like a drought up in my inbox when it comes to ideas and submissions.

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Anonymous said:

what were some of the songs on the playlist on this tumblr? i need good pump up songs

Here’s my new favorites!

Mothafucka Up - Tyga, Blow Up - J Cole, I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now - Lupe Fiasco, Buzzin’ - Mann, It Takes a Seven Nation Army - Apathy, Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Hope these helped! The first by Tyga is my go to.

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And more running.

And more running.

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Sh*t Soccer Girls Say - @SoccerGrlProbs


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S/O to my lovely futbol followers,

Best modern/covered Christmas songs to put on my Christmas CD? If that wasn’t convincing enough I’ll shoot out a promo for the five to submit best songs!

Help a fellow futboller out?

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Anonymous said:

So, most of my life I've played basketball and i quit, and recently I've just started soccer. My dad has put me in some clubs to improve by soccer tryouts in school. I'm junior, and I know most people have been playing soccer since they were in diapers. So what do you think of a person starting soccer so late in life? And do you have any advice for a beginner

You can be great if you have the drive. I’d say always stay realistic because although anything can happen you also have to remember that there’s a slim chance that anything mind boggling will happen. You can be good, awesome even, but only with consistent hard work.

Advice? Don’t stop running during conditioning or give up half way through a drill. That’s a good way to get yourself skinned by a veteran player.

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We all know what that means.
More running.

We all know what that means.

More running.

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